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We have tried to make this website useful and usable whilst being as accurate as possible, not only in terms of factual content but also in terms of the likely legal fees and other costs involved.

It is impossible to cover everything or every possible combination of circumstances, let alone keep factual content and costs constantly updated.

This site is no substitute for proper professional advice. Rather, it should be seen as giving background information in preparation for seeking that advice. That advice will include the latest factual content and details of cost.

The International Law Partnership Ltd is a group of lawyers and other key professionals from around the world. Each is financially, legally and professionally independent both of The International Law Partnership Ltd and the other members of the group.

If you engage a lawyer or other professional who is a member of the group your contract will be with that person. That person will accept the full professional liability for dealing with your affairs. The International Law Partnership Ltd does not enter any contract with you and accepts no legal responsibility for the actions of the lawyers or other professionals with whom you have made a contract.

The International Law Partnership Ltd accepts no liability for anything done or not done as a result of reading this website.