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Accident Cases

Dealing with an accident

Accidents come in different types. Perhaps you are on holiday and you have been injured in a traffic accident. Perhaps you were driving a car and you have been involved in a car crash. Perhaps you have been injured in a hotel or on the street or in some other public place. Perhaps you have been working and you have been injured in the course of your employment.

Two things are common to all of these types of accidents. The first is that you may well be able to claim compensation from the person who caused the accident and the second is that you will only have a limited period of time in which to do so.

So the first rule about dealing with an accident is that you need to take legal advice as soon as ever possible - ideally within the first few hours or days following the accident.

The detailed rules as to how to claim compensation, how much compensation you are likely to receive and how long it is likely to take before your claim is dealt with will depend upon the nature of your accident and your injuries. You should be aware that all three are likely to be very different from the rules in your own country.

If you have suffered an accident and you believe that that accident was not your own fault then you should contact us immiedately. Our member will advise you about how best to proceed. This will probably involve carrying out a certain amount of initial research so that they can give you the best possible information about your prospects of success and the timescale and cost involved in the process. This initial advice will be charged for. Our member will, however, give you an estimate of the charges involved in giving that advice and you will not incur any liability for charges unless and until you agree the estimate.

If you have been involved in an accident in circumstances where you think that the accident may well have been your fault it is just as important to contact us without delay. Our member will then be able to discuss with you what consequences are likely to flow from your responsibility for the accident and take such steps as may be possible to reduce or eliminate those consequences. Once again, there will be some cost involved in doing this but once again, you will not incur any responsibility for those charges until you have accepted our member's estimate for doing the work involved.

In both cases it may well be that the legal expenses will be covered by some form of insurance policy.

Dealing with an accident in another country requires a detailed knowledge of the local law and customs in thatcountry as well as the same level of knowledge about the law in your own country. We cannot stress enough that it is the interaction - and sometimes conflict - between the two systems that creates most of the potential problems and many of the best potential opportunities for saving you time, trouble and money.

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