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Business Structures & Restructuring

What can you do?

In most countries in the world, there are many different ways of doing business within that country ot internationally. These range from, at the simplest end of the spectrum, being based in your own country and entering into individual business deals with people or companies in the other country to, at the other extreme, having your own independent local company operating within the local market and, possibly, even acting as a base to expand into other markets.

Our clients will often start their international business relationships using a very simple structure - basically to 'test the water'. They will then change the structure of their business arrangements to reflect their growing needs.

There is no doubt that choosing the right business structure for your activities will save you a lot of time, trouble and money.

Unfortunately, many clients continue to use business structures that may well have been appropriate at the outset of their business activities, but which have long since ceased to be the best or most cost effective way of doing business in the country concerned. Others waste money by setting up simple structured that will, almost certainly, need to be replaced almost immediately.

We will happily dicuss with you the most appropriate structures and vehicles for you to use at the current stage of your business activities and, just as importantly, talk to you about a migration route which will allow you to take advantage of any greater business opportunities in the future without having to start all over again and pay duplicated fees for setting up a new structure.

We will normally do this by way of a meeting or conference call between you, our relevant members and (in many cases) your existing lawyer, your existing tax advisor and your existing accountant. If you do not have any of these we or our members will normally be able to introduce you to appropriate professionals with experience in international business transactions.

Structuring or re-structuring your foreign business requires a detailed knowledge of the local law and customs, taxes and business methods as well as the same level of knowledge about the law and tax systems in your own country. We cannot stress enough that it is the interaction - and sometimes conflict - between the two systems that creates most of the potential problems and many of the best potential opportunities for saving you time, trouble and money. The savings and improvements in business performance can be huge!

Next steps

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