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Buying Property as an Investment

Investors come in different types from the pure investor – who may never use the property – to the person looking for a holiday home that will 'pay its way'.

Whichever type of investor you are, thorough preparation is vital.

The twelve key questions that you need to answer before buying a propery as an investment.

1.   What is your attitude to risk?

Do you understand the risk/reward dynamic? How much risk SHOULD you be taking? Ask us for advice.

2.   What is your investment strategy?

There are lots of ways of making money out of property. Which is right for you? Ask us for advice.

3.   What is likely to happen to exchange rates?

4.   What is likely to happen to other types of investments?

5.   What is your attitude to diversification?

We believe in spreading risk by having a range of property in different but complimentary places. Ask us for advice.

6.   What is your attitude to borrowing?

Should you borrow to 'leverage' your investment? If so, how much, where and how? Ask us for advice.

7.   How important is personal use of the property?

8.   How are you going to manage the property?

This decision will have a major impact on profitability. Ask us for advice.

9.   What is the timeframe for your investment?

The best investment for someone wanting to make money over 2 years will not be the same as the best investment for someone wanting to keep the property for 20 years. Ask us for advice.

10.   Are you prepared to join with others in a bigger scheme?

Would you be better off buying as part of a group of friends or as a member of a Property Investment Club? Or might you be better off investing in a Property Investment Fund (REIT, PUT etc). Ask us for advice.

11.   What is the best legal and tax structure for the investment?

This will make a huge difference to your 'bottom line'. Ask us for advice.

12.   What is your budget, including fees and taxes?

Most importantly of all, please remember that there is no 'one size fits all' for investors. What is right for you – at your age, in your financial position and with your requirements and expectations? There is no absolute guarantee of investment success, but taking the right advice can swing the odds heavily in your favour. Ask us for advice.

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