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Employment Cases


Please see the section on employment in our 'business' pages.


The law relating to employment, employment rights and dismissal is, in most countries, a highly technical and complicated area of the law. It is also an area of the law that is likely to differ more than most from the legal rules that will have applied in your own home country.

Sadly, it is also an area of the law about which your fellow expatriates will talk for hours in the local bars or on the internet but concerning which they know little or, at most, only half the story.

To make matters worse, it is an area of law where there are usually strict time limits that must be followed if you wish to take advantage in the country concerned of any of the legal rights given to you.

As a result, if you become involved in any employment situation where you believe that you have been treated unfairly or where you think the rules have been broken you should contact a lawyer without delay.

Our local member in the country will be pleased to discuss your situation and advise you as to the steps that you should take to secure your position.

Advising about employment rights requires a detailed knowledge of local law and local customs as well as the same level of knowledge about the law in your own country. We cannot stress enough that it is the interaction - and sometimes conflict - between the two systems that creates most of the potential problems and many of the best potential opportunities for saving you time, trouble and money.

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