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Work for Property Developers

The lawyers, accountants and other professionals who are the members of The International Law Partnership Ltd. can provide a wide range of services for people wishing to develop property.

Developers come in many forms. Some are major international property development companies with a wealth of previous experience in the field, including perhaps experience in the where they now want to work. Others are private individuals or small companies who are keen to undertake a more modest development - possibly the first development that they have undertaken anywhere.

Obvously, their needs differ dramatically and we will tailor our service to meet their specific needs.

In general terms, whether you are an experienced developer or new to the field, we can provide the following services:

Advising you about the most appropriate legal and tax structure for your development

This is the most basic foundation for a sucessful property development. If you get these wrong you are likely to create lots of problems later on and to pay far, far more tax than is necessary.

We would encourage you to seek this advice as early as possible - ideally as soon as you have had the idea to do the development. This can save you a lot of wasted time, particuarly if, as ocassionaly happens, we have to tell you that there is absolutely no way that you will be able to develop the piece of land you wish to develop in the way in which you wish to develop it.

Identifying development projects

Our members, through their local contacts, can often help you find suitable development land or suitable 'ready to go' development projects.

Buying the land

Buying land which you intend to use for development is much more complicated than buying a simple field or completed apartment. The necessary enquiries are much nore extensive. They include enquiries as to the planning or zoning status of the land; what is likely to be permitted to be built there; the availability of necessary infrastructure such as water, electricity and roads etc.

Before buying the land you may also need help with a marketing analysis of the project and/or with finding suitable archtects, builders and other professionals to help devlier your project.

Planning/zoning approval and building licences

Our members will be able to help you with any necessary applications to change the status of the land you wish to buy and to obtain the permits necessary to build upon it.

Contracts with builders, architects etc.

Any development project needs good contracts between all of the people involved in the process. Even a small project will involve millions of pounds/dollars/euros. Larger projects involve hundreds of millions. It is amazing how often we come across such projects that have been undertaken on the basis of no documentation at all or totally inadequate contracts 'on the back of an envelope'. We normally come across them when they have gone badly wrong!

Do not skimp on these vital contracts. Make sure that you get proper legal and, where necessary, tax advice about them.

Drafting these contracts is not easy even where our clients are experienced developers from another country. The contents and form of the contracts will usually be very different from the contracts with which they are familiar. This is especially true in small and medium sized projects where the contracts can appear very 'thin' in comparison to the contracts you normally use.

In some of these cases we are instructed to negotiate much more 'in depth' contracts. In others, after considering their options, our clients decide to work with the local model of contract but to tighten it up as much as they can within the context of that model.

Contracts with buyers

We believe that a good development project needs good contracts between the developer and the end user buyers. This is particularly so where the buyers are foreign buyers. The standard contract used to buy a property in, say, Egypt will probably be totally inadequate for those buyers who will not understand many of the basic assumptions on which such contracts are drafted. They will also not understand the legal framework within which they operate or the remedies available to them and to the developer under the general law. And, of course, they are unlikely to speak the language.

We believe that these international contracts need to be drafted in an international way and set out in considerable detail the background to the purchase and the rights and obligations of each party.

General Consultancy

Our members have huge amounts of experience when it comes to property developmewnt projeccts. This experience relates not just to the legal issues that can arise but also to the conceptualising of the project, project design, marketing isues and dealing with all of the things that can go wrong. We would be delighted to help you by providing a general consultancy service.

Ongoing issues

As a development progresses there are always unexpected issues that arise. These might range from problems with the local mayor through complaints from neighbours to your builder going bust.

The lawyers and other professionals who are the members of The International Law Partnership Ltd. will apply their considerable knowledge and experience to helping you through these problems and to guiding you, clearly and efficiently, as to the choices available to you.

Next steps

Please look at the Legal Guides, videos, MP3 seminars and other materials set out to the right of this page.

If you would like us to help you, please complete our Client Pack and send it back to us. We will contact you to clarify your requirements and then introduce you to the person most appropriate to deal with your case.

If you do not find the information that you need, please send us an email explaining your problem and we will contact you.

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