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Our Fees

The Basic Principles

At The International Law Partnership Ltd we and our members (who are each legally and financially independent of each other and of The International Law Partnership Ltd) all recognise that no client - whether a private individual or a business - has money to waste.

  • We minimise our charges by being specialists and by the sensible use of modern technology.
  • We aim to provide cost effective solutions to your international legal problems.
  • We operate an open and simple system of charging for our work.

The way in which the lawyers and other professionals involved will charge for their services will be dictated by the law and professional obligations in the country in which they work. However, as a basic principal, they will:

  • Give you a written estimate of their likely charges
  • Be as open and clear as possible in their estimates
  • Only increase their estimates if it is necessary to do so because, for example, the nature of the work required has changed or there has been some unexpected development

Four Main Methods of Charging

Agreed Fee

Whenever possible our members will offer you an agreed fee for dealing with the whole of your case. This fee will only be revised if the nature of the work changes substantially - for example, if they discover title problems when dealing with the purchase of a property and you decide to continue with the purchase and ask them to fix the problems before you do so.

Often it will not be possible, at the outset, to quote an agreed fee for the whole of your case. If this is so then they will try to give you an agreed fee for carrying out a preliminary investigation into the case. At the end of that investigation they will advise you generally about the case and the likely cost and timescale involved in dealing with it.

À La Carte

Very often only part of our legal work needs the skill of a trained lawyer.

The rest of our time is spent doing things that you could, if you wanted, do yourself.

Our "a la carte" menu allows you to pick only the things you want our members to do - at a fixed price or on a time charge basis - and to do the rest yourself.

No Win, No Fee

In some cases our members are able to offer a "no win, no fee" scheme. Please note that in many countries such fee arrangements are prohibited either by the general law or by the code of conduct by which the professionals must abide.

In cases where our members can offer a 'No Win, No Fee' service if they do not achieve an agreed outcome they will not be paid!

Usually they will need to carry out some research into the case before deciding whether they can offer a 'No Win, No Fee' arrangement. They will usually agree an Agreed Fee for carrying out this research.

Under a 'No Win, No Fee' scheme you will usually remain liable for the payment of court fees and other outgoings and, if a court case is involved, you may be liable to pay the winning party's costs if you lose the case. Insurance may be available to cover these payments.

Hourly Charges

In many cases it is simply impossible to predict the amount of work that will be needed to deal with your case. In these cases our members will have to charge you on the basis of the time spent dealing with the case.

They will tell you the charging rates of the people likely to be dealing with the case and they will report to you regularly as to the progress of the case and the build-up of charges.

You will always be given a written estimate of our member's likely charges.

Whichever way we and our members may charge, you will be secure in the knowledge that, as specialists, we will deal with the case as quickly and efficiently as possible. Less time usually means less cost!


Our and our members fees may be subject to UK or overseas VAT.

In addition to these charges you will have to pay for any expenses incurred on your behalf.

Our members usually require a payment on account of their likely fees and expenses.


We accept payment by bank transfer or by cheque.

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