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Warnings! - Alerts

Our reputation as leading specialists in the field of international law and property and the fact that we are so well known because our staff have been dealing with this work for over 25 years is sometimes a mixed blessing. From time to time unscrupulous or dishonest estate agents, developers or property sellers try to use our reputation by suggesting, entirely falsely, that we have some connection with them or that we, in some way, endorse their product.

When you see our name used to give credibility to a product or project, or if an advertiser claims that we represent them or that we have checked the title to their land or that we have carried out due diligence on their project, please check with us to make sure that the reference is correct.

General Warning

Whenever you are thinking about buying property or entering any other legal relationship you should take proper professional legal advice. When you are thinking of doing so overseas – in a country where you probably do not speak the language and where you know little or nothing about its culture or legal system taking proper legal advice is absolutely essential.

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