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What we do - For Businesses

We provide a full range of services for business clients needing help in connection with an international legal or tax problem.

We specialise in providing services to new business and to small and medium size enterprises, though larger companies are always welcome!

The variety of the requirements of our business clients never ceases to surprise us and so, over the years, we have been involved in every type of business from people who wanted to launch a floating party boat to funeral directors and in every type of business activity from setting up the business through preparing contracts for their customers and chasing their debts to the eventual sale or winding up of the business.

Our organisation and charging structure is designed to make our services affordable

Sample Services to Business Clients

Setting up a Business

When you want to set up a business in a foreign country you need to know not only the options available to you in that country (which may be very different from those in your own country) but also how what you do in that country will interact with your business activities and tax position in your own country. This is often complicated and need clear and careful advice. Our members will be delighted to provide that advice.

Formation of Companies

In many cases, when you set up a new business, you will also set up a new company. The process for doing this and the types of company available vary enormously from country to country and the choices you make will have far reaching and long term consequences for your business. Our members will be pleased to discuss with you the various options available, to advise you as to which might be best for you and then to help you set up the companies in question.

Offshore Companies

Companies based offshore (i.e. in a tax haven) can still have a number of advantages for some of our clients but can be a disaster for others. Let our members guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of each type of company and then help you set up any offshore companies that you may require.

Grants and Grant Aid

Sometimes taxes can be a good thing! In some countries there are bucket fulls of money available by way of grants, soft loans and tax incentives when you are starting a new business. The sums can be huge and, sometimes, the obsticles to claiming the money can be quite small - provided that you know what you are doing. Discuss the possibilites with us.

Buying and Selling Commercial Property

When you are buying or selling a hotel an office a warehouse or a shop abroad there are many more things to think about than the basics of making sure that you get good legal title. These will require a knowledge of the legal and tax systems and the business culture both in the country where you live and the country where the property is located. This is a rare combination of knowledge. Our members will be happy to guide you through all the issues concerned.

Drafting Business Contracts

At last our clients are realising that doing business internationally without a proper contract is close to suicidal and that they cannot simply use the contract that they have always used at home. In some cases the law of the country where you are doing business will lay down certain requirements as to the content of a contract. In some cases it will dictate the language in which the contract must be recorded or the way in which it must be recorded. In all cases the contracts will need to be drafted differently from a contract used at home. This is because, when you are dealing with someone in your own country, there are cetain things that you can take for granted as being understood. When you are dealing with someone from another country your expectation of what is 'normal' is likely to be very different from the expectation of the other party to the contact. Drafting these contracts is complicated and time consuming work but the savings to you and your business make it well worth while. Our members will be delighted to help.

Employment Issues

Employment law is a specialist area of law. You may need help when it comes to the employment of staff, especially when it comes to the choice of the type of contract to be offered to them. You may need help in filing the various returns needed by the tax and employment authorities or you may need help when it comes to disciplining or firing an employee. In many countries our members will be able to help you deal with these issues and in others they wil be able to refer you to specialists able to do so.

Debt Collecting

Sadly, some people don't pay their bills! You can minimise the problem by the careful selection of your customers and by proper credit control but you can't eliminate it. Our members will be pleased to help you recover monies due to you. They are very aware that there is no point in throwing good money after bad, so before starting what can be lengthy and expensive court action they will usually try other means of collecting the debt and - if these fail - they will try to help you decide whether this particular person is worth persuing.

Dealing with Disputes

However well your contracts may be drafted there will always be the odd situaiton in which you fall into dispute with your customer. You may also fall into dispute with your suppliers, your employees and others. Dealing with these disputes requires not only a detailed knowledge of the law and procedure in the country in question but a business like approach to the negotiation of any possible settlement to the dispute. Our members will try to help you find practical and low cost solutions to these problems. Where there is no other solution they will vigourously defend your interests through the courts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In many countries it is possible for the parties to a dispute to agree to resolve the dispute without going to court. This can be done by way of mediation, arbitration etc. Where this is permitted it is often the best way of resolving your problem because it is often cheaper and quicker than going to court and it can allow the relationship between you and the other person involved to survive the dispute. Our members will discuss with you the availabilty of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). In certain cases they may be able to provide ADR services.

Tax Advice

Minimising your tax obligations is important for any business. To do so successfully requires an understanding of the tax system in the country where you business is operating AND in the country where you are based. The process of minimising tax for business operating internationally is always a process of compromise and prioritisation. Our members, where necessary working with your accountants in the country in question and at home, will help guide you through this minefield. Getting this right can save your business a fortune.

Sale of a Business

When the time comes to sell your business you will want to make sure that you receive the best price for it, you minimise your tax liabilites, you eliminate the risk of any future claims against you and you receive the money as quickly as possible. Our members will be pleased to help you achieve these ends.

Winding up a Business

Some times you may want to close the business. If so, our members will discuss the options available to you and, where necessary, refer to you to the appropriate specialists in this field.

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