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What we do - For Professional Clients

A great deal of our business comes via other professionals - lawyers, accountants, banks, financial advisers etc.

This is because professionals recognise that they do not have the expertise to give cross border advice - i.e. advice involving the law of more than one country.

Attempting to give advice in those cases is probably in breach of the professional’s obligation only to take on cases in which he has sufficient expertise to give an adequate service. It is also, these days, dangerous in that it can lead to compensation claims from dissatisfied clients.

Professionals choose to instruct us because:

  • they know that we specialise in giving that cross border advice
  • we guarantee that we will not act for any client introduced to us in any other case without their consent

In short, their clients will remain their clients

Our organisation and charging structure is designed to make our services affordable.

In many cases (and subject to the legal restrictions in the countries in which our members operate) we will be able to pay an introduction fee to professionals referring clients to us.

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