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Our Legal Services for Property Developers

Property Developers come in all sizes from the small investor who has bought a plot of land upon which he intends to build a house or a few apartments to a major corporation about to construct 10,000 houses in a new city.

Whatever your size and whatever your requirements our members can help.

Our growing number of property developer clients each receive a bespoke service designed around their particular requirements but common tasks with which they ask for assistance are:

  • Preliminary Advice about which country and which place might offer them the best opportunities for their development.
  • If they have not already located a suitable plot, assisting with the finding of the right property
  • Advice about the most appropriate legal structure for the development/the development company
  • Setting up any necessary companies to develop the property
  • Setting up any appropriate marketing or other related companies to see the project through
  • Preliminary Advice about whether land that they have located themselves is a viable proposition for development. Is it likely to be given a building licence? Is the price being asked acceptable? Are the claims being made about other activity in the area true?
  • The Purchase of the Land and transfer of legal title into the name of the developer
  • Applying for zoning approval/planning permission/building licences for the development
  • Dividing the plot into saleable sub-plots
  • Helping with the selection of sales agents, builders, architects, golf course designers and other professionals
  • Drafting the contracts between the developer and any estate agents or other professionals retained by them
  • Drafting the building contract
  • Drafting the contracts and other associated documentation in relation to the sale of individual properties
  • Dealing the individual sale to individual buyers
  • Providing escrow facilities or trust facilities to protect the payments made by the buyers
  • Arranging for the final transfer of title into the name of the individual buyers
  • Dealing with all of the ongoing legal issues that arise in the course of the project
  • Handholding and consultancy throughout the process

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