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What We Do

We deal with international legal problems. This means problems experienced by a person or company based in one country but which involve the law, legal system or tax system of one or more other countries.

This is what we do. It is all we do. The members of our team have been doing it for many years.

We deal with most types of legal problem. The services we can offer vary from country to country. See our 'Legal Information and Downloads' section for details of what is available in each country.

The most important feature of the services that we and our members (independent lawyers, accountants and other professionals from around the world) supply is that, between us, we can advise you not only about the local law in the country in question but the often complex ways in which that law interacts with the law and tax system in your own country or in any other country. Better still, we will do so clearly, in English and in a way which is as close as possible to jargon free.

Our clients are mainly private clients and small businesses, mostly based in an English speaking country, or who prefer to conduct their affairs in English rather than the local language, and who have the need for legal services in or relating to another country.

But we can also provide legal assistance for other professionals and for various types of groups, unions and other entities. See below for more details.

Whichever group you fall into, our constant aim is to provide cost effective solutions to your international legal problems.

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