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Who are we?

The International Law Partnership Ltd is a highly specialist company that deals ONLY with 'International' legal work – that is to say legal work for people who live in one country but who have legal problems or requirements in another.

We are not a law firm but, rather, a group of independent lawyers, tax advisers and other professionals from around the world.

We are all committed:

  • to providing a consistent (and high) standard of client care
  • to communicating with our clients in clear and plain English
  • to the use of agreed systems of work and compatible IT systems
  • to working together to share our knowledge with a view to providing the most cost effective solutions to our clients legal problems, whether they relate to just one country or to many.

Our members provide legal advice and assistance, property investment advice and tax advice.

Our members are each legally, financially and professionally independent, both of each other and of The International Law Partnership Ltd.

For details of our members please look at the individual country concerned on the 'Legal Information & Downloads' section of our site.

Our History

The International Law Partnership Ltd grew out of The International Law Partnership LLP which, in turn, grew out of John Howell & Co.

Both The International Law Partnership LLP and John Howell & Co. were straightforward but specialist firms of English solicitors whose work was wholly related to the law of other countries.

In 2009 John Howell, the founder of the firm, realised that this model was no longer adequate to the needs of clients experiencing an increasingly complicated set of international legal requirements in an ever expanding range of countries.

When the original John Howell & Co. was set up in 1979 very few of our clients had dealings outside Yorkshire, much less all over the world. Of course, those of us from Yorkshire think that there is no need to have any dealings outside Yorkshire!

Our clients had other ideas. In the years that followed they developed more and more international links and needed more and more advice about more and more areas of the law.

Our original aim was to provide that advice within the context of an 'ordinary' English solicitors' practice - but a practice within which we employed not only English qualified lawyers but also lawyers qualified in many other jurisdictions.

As our clients' requirements expanded this became more and more difficult. We needed lawyers with expertise in litigation (court cases), in family work, in property work, in dealing with inheritances and in giving commercial advice to increasingly sophisticated business clients.

It became clear that a better approach would be to work much more closely with the overseas lawyers with whom we have been co-operating for many years, to agree with them standards for the provision of international legal services and to help co-ordinate their individual offices under one big umbrella. That umbrella is The International Law Partnership Ltd.

John Howell has now ceased to practice as a solicitor and to deal with day to day legal work but he remains very active in the nurturing and development of The International Law Partnership Ltd.

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